Fargo (1996)

Directed by Joel, Ethan Coen Marge Gunderson, Jerry Lundegaard and Gaear Grimsrud all feel like they've been pulled from vastly different movies.  They are so unique, not just in personality but by the deepest codes by which they guide their own lives, and yet here in Fargo they will all cross paths because of a crime … Continue reading Fargo (1996)

Clown (2014)

Directed by Jon Watts Clown, about a man turning into a child-eating clown, is disturbing and thus incredibly effective.  It's one of those troubling horror movies that, though it follows certain conventions, wades into frightening, disgusting territory and provokes incredibly upsetting feelings within the viewer.  On one hand such feelings may make it easy to write … Continue reading Clown (2014)