Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Directed by Robert Rodriguez Alita: Battle Angel takes place on what looks to be the flimsy sets of the original Total Recall (1990).  These are crowded, tiny streets bustling with improbable activity.  There are street markets, street urchins, bounty hunters and youth with reckless abandon.  Another factor making the diverse community all the more diverse is … Continue reading Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)

Directed by Quentin Tarantino Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood is a sentimental, Linklater-esque nostalgia dream tinged at the edges with a brooding darkness.  These are all qualities absorbed through observation rather than any dictated narration, with the sun-bleached scene established through images of characters driving peacefully through Los Angeles, listening to the radio and … Continue reading Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (2019)