The Intern (2015)


The Intern is awesome.  It’s heartwarming, brightly-lit, and every character manages to smile.

It has a great ensemble cast of young actors reminding an older audience that “us millennials can listen sometimes, and we will learn a lot from you.”  It’s fantastic.

Adam Devine and Anders Holm came to fame through the tv show Workaholics, known for a gross-out sense of humor that wouldn’t appeal to anyone’s parents.  And yet, here they are playing against type as likable, but then maybe not so likable, but then ultimately likable millennials.

Robert De Niro plays Ben Whittaker, a recent widower who applies for an internship that specifically seeks out older people.  I forget why they do that, but they do.

Ben is cheerful and a hard worker, and he doesn’t mind waiting around while busy CEO Jules (Anne Hathaway) runs around, not making time for him.

In the meantime Ben befriends everyone in the office by giving them some of his white-haired wisdom and just being an ear for them to vent their frustrations.  Later in the film Jules accepts that he is a helpful man, and they become best friends.

Jules realizes her husband is cheating on her, and she accepts him back anyway when he apologizes, and everyone apologizes and everything ends up very nicely.  Ben even finds an age-appropriate woman!

Everything is awesome.

I wish I lived in the world this movie presents, and that’s no lie.  It’s the Ikea demo kitchen of movies.  You walk in, look around and say “there’s plenty of space, and I can see myself sitting right over there.”  It’s the best.

If you watch a movie like… something from Uwe Boll, then come right back to The Intern.  In fact, make this movie your monthly, perhaps every-other-monthly viewing of choice.  It is to be enjoyed the more you watch it, like a gentle reminder of things once held dear.  The Intern is the mouth wash of movies.  Watch a little before bed, like a chapter of a book.


This movie was made for older audiences, and really that’s not a demographic often sought after with movies/tv outside of literally all of CBS’ programming.  So it is nice to see that not everything is made for 13 year old boys, and oh my god I’m becoming old.

I love Guy Ritchie films!  Remember the scene in Breaking Bad where the guy’s head explodes?  I do!  It’s so awesome but also a little violent, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, what is it saying to our children?  They’re impressionable partially because they don’t think they’re so impressionable.  I was never as bull-headed as when I was 14 or 15– I can’t… guns and sex… Buffalo Wild Wings and skateboards.  I’m older than I’ve ever been before and sometimes I just want a reminder that everything is okay.  As science and facts become bigger and stronger and god is dead and the idols are all being burned down because we know more than ever before, what’s being built in their places?  Who are our idols?  What do I, and you, and them and us believe in when we’re told nothing is real, we’ve all been lied to and everything is just a coping mechanism because of how our brain works and forms attachments and struggles to process a world that is at once so connected and yet so isolating.  I miss the way things were when everything was catered to people my age and demographic.  But… they still are… but they won’t always be.  It’s happening, it’s always been happening, it’s just so pleasant that there are movies with good morals to teach our impressionable kids!  Ben Whittaker has so much to give and Jules has so much to learn! And she does!  Love wins out in a non-sexual way!

The Intern is streaming on HBO Now, and it’s a constant reminder of what we can accomplish when we listen to Robert De Niro.

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