M (1931)

Directed by Fritz Lang Holy sh*t is this film alive.  From the unexpected twists and turns of what has since become a fairly standard, predictable type of story to the daring use of silence and mind-boggling camera movements (still not sure how they pulled them off), there is a lot to admire in Fritz Lang's M. … Continue reading M (1931)

Metropolis (1927)

Directed by Fritz Lang Alright so here are the influences of Metropolis that I've gathered thus far: C-3PO, the name of Superman's city, Dark City (1998), Logan's Run (1976), Brazil (1985), Blade Runner (1982), Minority Report (2002), really any sci-fi movie, the use of the "Schüfftan Process" (to combine miniature models and people in the same shot), the … Continue reading Metropolis (1927)